My new blog! An obligatory first post.

After talking about making a blog for the past two whole years, I finally decided to get one going. This will give me a good place to discuss some projects I’m currently working on, new technology that I come across, the latest in front end web development, or car related things (which I haven’t really done in a while).


A little about me: My name is Devin Pitcher and I am currently working at Infusionsoft as a Front End Web Developer in the marketing department. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, MI, I recently moved to Chandler, AZ in August of 2016 in pursue of a change. (Okay, mostly to get away from the snow that would be arriving sooner than I wanted...)

When I was little, I was known as the kid that would kill your computer if I touched it. Hard drives were smaller back in the day, so I seemed to always think that deleting the system32 or windows folders would free up space! I literally could not keep my hands off important system files or messing with any settings I could think of. Re-installing Windows seemed like a common practice in my household.


As the years went on, my love for computers never subsided. Once I moved past the phase of ruining computers, I started to take interest in how to build PCs and how to make apps/games with a piece of software called Game Maker. One thing that I discovered and latched onto was making web pages. When I was about 10, I found buried in some folders on a Kodak Picture CD I had at home the Netscape browser. Included with Netscape was Netscape Composer, a basic WYSIWYG editor that could output HTML files. I had no idea what HTML meant at the time, but it was cool because I could make web pages on my computer without the internet! (We only had dial up at the time on our main PC in the front den.) I had no idea what I was doing, but I really, really wanted to make a top-secret, password protected page that nobody could get into except me. However, not knowing how to add an input field, I had my own way to do this. Six separate pages. Four of the pages had a set of links, just like this:

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0]

One of the links would go to step2.html and the rest to wrong.html. Repeat this for the other three pages, where the last page linked to correct.html. I was so proud of my idea. 

Little did I know you could hover over each to see the destination, and once you got in, there was literally nothing cool there, because I didn’t what to add, let alone how to even do it.


From the age of 10 through today, my passion for learning web development has not faltered. I have self taught myself everything I know through trial and error, tutorials on the internet, and from a few different people. No schooling, no classes, no formal training, just my love for learning. In 2010, I took a job at a smaller family-owned company called Faganarms in Clinton Township, MI. I was there for nearly six years before leaving to move to Arizona. While I was there, I handled all the graphic design and web development for the company. 

I moved to Arizona in August of 2016 and went without a job for two months. One of the companies I applied for stuck out to me from all the numerous others that I applied for. It was Infusionsoft. After answering numerous questions about how small business has impacted my life and why I think the success of small business in America was important, I was really hoping to hear back from them regarding my application.


After doing some sample coding, a HTML/CSS/JS quiz, and multiple rounds of interviews, I’m happy and proud to say that I’m the sole Front End Web Developer in the marketing department at Infusionsoft. I sometimes wonder what I would be doing today had I not found Netscape Composer on that Kodak CD 13 years ago that sparked my love for web development.

Having lived in the Motor City for just under 23 years, it’s no surprise that I’m interested in cars, which is funny because growing up, I hated cars. Well, I didn’t exactly hate cars, but when my dad and older brother would go to the North American International Auto Show at Cobo every year, or when we’d go to the Gratiot cruise as a kid, I couldn’t wait to leave. I had zero interest in cars until my first car, a 1991 Ford Taurus, that was given to me by a neighbor for free. You can imagine the crap I did to that car being that it was a) free, I b) was working at McDonalds making money with zero bills, and c) I was 16 and thought the chrome stick-ons from the “custom” aisle at AutoZone was cool. I now, however, own my first brand-new car -- my 2015 Dodge Charger. I’m sure I’ll post about this more over time.


Well, I think this is enough for now! More posts to come soon!

Devin Pitcher

Hello! I'm a front end web developer at Infusionsoft. Having started when I was only 10, web development is truly my passion. I'm a Michigan native living in hot Arizona. 🔥🌵